Street Snowplowing

February 20, 2019

Hello, Villages Neighbors,

After getting the snow & ice melted off most of our Villages’ streets over the last few days, we received another 3 inches of fresh snow last night. Further, we are under a continuing winter weather alert until 10 pm tonight, with another 1″ to 3” of snow predicted. Here is our snow removal plan:

A) Snowplow the hill in Phase 10 as soon after noon today as Ike Muro can schedule.

B) Monitor today’s (Wednesday’s) snowfall after 12 noon. Based on snowfall & street conditions around 7 PM, make the decision either a) To halt further snowplowing or; b) To begin snowplowing tonight with the following priorities to be finished by Thursday morning:
1)All of Garrison Village Way
2)All of SE Creekside Dr
3)All other Villages’ streets & alleys

C) Continue monitoring continuing snowfall & freezing rain which is predicted through March 2nd & snowplow as needed as weather patterns and street conditions become known.


Ray Goff, Volunteer Chairman
VGC Common Grounds Maintenance