March 2019 Master Board Meeting Agenda

The Villages of Garrison Creek

Master Property Management Association

Wednesday 27 March 2019 [2:00 pm] @ SonBridge Community Center 1200 SE 12th Ave, College Place

MPMA Directors .. Dick Cook, John Cress, Marie Evans, Jim Murphy/ARC, Morris Kivett, Marilyn Vogel, Henning Guldhammer


1. Quorum Call + Sign-In Roster

2. Member Comments

3. Minutes [02.27.2019] Approval

4. Financial
*Orientation of Operating Budget – Jim Hall
*Financial Report – Marie Evans, Jim Hall
*Sub Committee appointment/notification of late fee enforcement

5. Pending [Old] Business and Committee Reports:
*VGC Leaders Contact List Update – Marie Evans
*Strategic Planning Committee – Jack Gisler
*Phase Focus Groups;
*Drafting New Governance Documents;
*Next steps.
*Common Area – Ray Goff
*Maintenance Contracts;
*Road Maintenance;
*On-Site Reserve Study;
*Accident Damage Report;
*Street Lights
*ARC – Jim Murphy, Tom Emmerson, Dennis Olson
*Safety – Michele Wollert
*Phase I Government
*Phase VI
*Delinquent Account Payback Status;
*Meeting with Executive Committee
6. New Business

7. Next Board Meeting .. Tentative April 24, 2019, at 2:00 p.m. at SonBridge Community Center

8. Executive Session, if needed [ re delinquent payers …]

Questions? Contact Dick Cook at (509) 386-4118