The Koi are Growing

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our homeowners, Koi were introduced to the large pond after the restoration work was completed.  Make sure to look for them and the turtles too.

Safety/Security Committee

April 2024

An important message from your Safety/Security Committee

The Committee would like to share with you the following incident which occurred on Saturday, March 30th, at approx. 3 p.m. 

Two very young children, ages close to 3 & 5 were riding scooters on the trail from Village 5 alley, towards Garrison Village Way, and the Gazebo path. They emerged from the trail crossing the road without stopping or looking. The adult with them was not present at the crossing, but appeared about 10 seconds later, reading their cell phone.

The committee has a high degree of concern for all residents and guests’ safety. Our streets do not have a “normal” configuration, and young children especially do not recognize they are crossing a street. We believe that they should be closely supervised in these situations and instructions given.  Those residents who live close to trail crossings are aware of traffic and the speeds cars often have. The committee, together with the Landscape Committee, has worked diligently to make all road crossings safer, by removing shrubbery, trimming up trees, painting crossings, and eliminating the Bird for Rent electric scooters. We are committed to making the outdoor areas accessible for all.

There are 4 trail road crossings within the Villages. Garrison Village Way often has non-resident traffic and is the most heavily traveled. Please use caution when crossing and please supervise children, and grandchildren who are too young to know these roads.