Pruning & Irrigation


Based on recommended ‘best horticultural practices’, TreeAmigos Landscaping will start pruning trees and shrubs around the first of November. At the moment, trees are transporting sugars to be stored in the root system. These stored sugars are used in the spring to support growth. Pruning during this time results in the loss of sugars which may weaken the plant.

(There are two times during the year when there is maximum sap flow in trees and shrubs. In the fall, as chlorophyll production ceases and leaves turn color, the sugars produced by the leaves are sent downward to be stored in the root system. In the spring, the process is reversed. The sap flows upward to support the development of leaves and blossoms. The best times to prune are when trees and shrubs are dormant (November through February) or in full leaf (June). These are the times when there is minimal sap flow.)


Tree Amigos Landscaping will be winterizing the irrigation system around the first of November. By now, you should be cutting back on how often you water. Because the daylight cycle and temperatures in early fall are similar to spring, normal watering will cause plants to continue to grow. That new growth won’t ‘harden off’ and will be susceptible to damage when cold weather arrives. To prevent this, the recommended practice is to reduce watering starting in mid-September. A final watering before a predicted ‘hard freeze’ is recommended. This assures there is enough moisture around the root zone if there is limited moisture during cold weather.