October 2018 MPMA Board Meeting

Master Board Meeting
October 16, 2018

MPMA Master Board will meet next Tuesday 16 October at 5:30 pm at SonBridge Community Center, 1200 SE 12th, College Place.

Key agenda items include discussion of proposed 2019 Operating & Reserve Budgets, Delinquent Dues Policy Proposal,  Recruitment of 2019 Master Board Candidates and a first look at an outline for an updated VGC general information document for homeowners, renters, and potential buyers.

VGC members are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.   At the beginning of the meeting, there will be time for homeowner questions and/or comments.

If you’d like to volunteer for a Board or Committee position or have any questions about the meeting, please contact Dick Cook at (509) 386-4118 or at cookpines@charter.net.