Winter Reminders from ARC

Winter Reminders from ARC

  • Close your foundation vents for winter, the addition of styrofoam vent inserts (available at Home Depot) is optional but helps to keep out the cold.
  • Very Important: Be sure to unscrew your garden hoses from all hose bibs to avoid freezing and breakage of the short copper pipes just inside the wall behind the bibs. These copper pipes are easily broken, and can cost several thousand dollars to repair.
  • Bring hoses and furniture in from the cold. Remove your window screens and place them in your garage

ARC Suggestions

  • Most potted plants don’t do well on the winter. ARC suggests bringing them in from the cold.
  • Schedule an annual service on your heating system and Gas Fireplace
    Change your HVAC filter
  • Replace a few 100 watt incandescent bulbs with 14-20 watt LED bulbs (saves $$)

THANK YOU for helping to keep our Village streets safe, and for keeping your porch lights on at night.

Important Information concerning the Villages can be found on The Villages Web Site at

Do you need a copy of The Villages “Land Use Standards”? Contact ARC or one of your Phase Leaders for a copy. Updated copies will be available at the Annual Meeting (Dec 9).

Enjoy the Winter Season,
Your Architectural Review Committee
Dennis, Tom, and Jim