May 2019 MPMA Meeting

Our Master Board meets Wednesday 29 May [2 pm] at SonBridge Community Center 1200 SE 12th College Place

Key agenda items include East Pond Planning, ARC Website addition, Financial Report, and votes to approve last meeting minutes and accept the April Financial Report.

Also, the agenda will include brief updates & status reports [either in person and/or in writing] concerning:

.. ARC
.. recruiting a new VGC Webmaster
.. Reserve Study Professional [Joel Tax] June 24 visit .. [Ray Goff]
.. Strategic Planning: focus group on future VGC management options [Jack Gisler, John Cress]
.. Strategic Planning: new Covenants/Bylaws [Kurt Carlson]
.. Common Area: Asphalt Seal Coating in Phase 9 [June 6-7] & Phase 6 [June 12-13] .. Ray Goff
.. Resolved Sump Pump [West Pond fill issue] .. Dick Cook
.. Safety/Block Watch: Michele Wollert
.. VGC all member directory [Marilyn Vogel]
.. update on Volunteer contributions for the ‘good of the Villages]

Questions? Contact Dick Cook (509) 386-4118