January 2019 MPMA Board Meeting

Master Board Meeting
January 23, 2019 @2:00 pm

2019 MPMA Master Board will hold its first meeting Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 pm January 23 at the SonBridge Community Center, 1200 SE 12th Street, College Place.

The first half of the meeting includes an informal review of Master Board responsibilities and challenges; 2019 Operations and Reserve Budget; committee updates; and a review of the VGC website information.

Key agenda items for the formal board meeting include the election of officers; 2019 MPMA Board meeting schedule; minutes review; financial report; dues delinquency issues; Phase 6 rental policy request; Phase 1 government update; contact information and membership directory.

All VGC homeowner/members are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.

For more information contact Dick Cook at 509-386-4118.

2019 VGC Board of Directors: Sam Lefore, John Cress, Marie Evans, Jim Murphy, Morris Kivett, Marilyn Vogel, Dick Cook.

Thank you all for volunteering to serve on the 2019 MPMA Board!