Update to the Master Board Membership

Effective March 2, Ray Goff has submitted his resignation to the MPMA Board of Directors. Owners elected Ray as a Director and he served as President.

Ray has provided great leadership to and communication for the Board in the interests of all Homeowners in the Villages. We will miss him very much.

Ray has promoted several initiatives dealing with enhancement of Villages operation under the current governing documents, including the Land Use Standards. He has provided great leadership and communication with Doug Botimer as Declarant / Developer and with Phase 10 owners, both of whom wish to exit from The Villages of Garrison Creek Master Property Management Association. Ray’s service to the MPMA Board has required 40 to 50 hours per week of his time. He can no longer commit this amount of time to the MPMA Board. He has advised that he intends to remain a long-term VGC Homeowner and has volunteered to continue to work for the Board for special projects as time permits.

The Board is continuing to move ahead with ongoing operations.

posted by Dave Gullo for the Board