ARC – Activity Summary, January 2017

Architectural Review Committee
Villages of Garrison Creek

Activity Summary
January 2017

Two new ARC members were added in December: Michele Wollert (Phase VII) and Kathy Jo Mooney (Phase VI) after Cassie Siegal and Lori Storey resigned. At the end of January, Kathy Jo reconsidered her ability to participate and we are now looking for another new volunteermember to join Doug Botimer and Michele Wollert on the ARC.

On 1/27/2017, Cassie and Michele met with Stephanie Robertson at Express Employment Professionals to interview a candidate for the part time Parking Observer position. Michael Siegenthaler was hired and will be trained by the person who formerly had this job, Robert Bascum. Michele will be the ARC contact person who will receive communications from Express Employment Pros, approve time sheets, and send that approval to Villages treasurer/bookkeeper, Jim Hall, so he can pay the monthly invoice. It is expected that Mr. Siegenthaler will begin his late night and early morning rounds 2-3 times per week to issue courtesy warnings for Land Use Standards violations (bin misplacement; driveway/street parking violations; and overflow parking lot rules) in early February. We have not had consistent monitoring of violations since October, so we anticipate having to administer notices more often at first to remind residents who have been using streets and driveways for overnight parking on a regular basis. Our commitment is to be friendly and respectful in all ARC communications, understanding that we are all neighbors first and foremost.

There has been a great deal of inconsistency in how informed new residents have been with regard to Land Use Standards and other HOA documents. In an attempt to keep buyers as informed as possible on the front end, Michele is in the process of contacting real estate agents who have current active listings in the Villages to share our website address with them and to point out the link to the critical HOA documents available for buyers’ review there. She is also exploring the idea of reviving the practice of providing new homeowners with a friendly welcome gift packet, which can include not only the HOA documents and regional points of interest pamphlets, but small local gifts (Klickers’ or Andy’s jams, jellies; Bright’s candies, etc). She’ll be discussing details with the Master Board at a future meeting, as well as Phase leaders, to incorporate their ideas and approval before moving ahead.

Michele will be monitoring the ARC email daily for requests and complaints and will write the monthly ARC activity summary, starting with this one.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Wollert
Phase VII resident
ARC member

ARC January 2017 Summary (PDF version)