The Villages of Garrison Creek (VGC) Newsletter

VGC Newsletter Digest
April 17, 2017

To: All VGC residents and homeowners


College Place to pick up yard debris next week (Wednesday)


Walking Trails Clean-up Day: Sunday April 30th from 2 to 4 PM
by Ray Goff

I’d like to schedule a clean-up day Sunday April 30th from 2 to 4 pm. If you can’t stay for 2 hours, please come & stay as long as you can. Please bring gloves.

The work I envision will be largely picking up fallen limbs around the walking paths and hauling the limbs to a new pile we will start in the VGC west pasture south of the Creek.
• I’ll have my 4-wheeler with the dump bed…so much of the work will be loading the dump bed, driving to the new pile & unloading the limbs.
• I will also have my chain saw, some hand saws and large pruners to help cut the limbs into smaller, more manageable pieces. I might also be chain sawing some smaller trees that need to be removed.
• If you have a rake….grass rake or a bow rake…please bring one with you.

Let’s meet at Bridge 1…the one furthest to the west and closest to Lions Park. It’s about 150 yards from SE Creekside.

We appreciate your help.

Side Note: At any time during the year, if you pick up branches or plant debris, please deposit them in a pile on either side of Creekside near the road on a non-grassy bed. This ensures they don’t need to be moved for mowing and Ike can easily pick them up.


Block Watch
by Daryl Schreiner

I contacted Sgt. Benfield of the College Place Police Department and he said they will do an orientation program for us, with instruction in how to organize Crime Watch by Phase. He also said the city hall has a meeting place, but has to be reserved in advance. He also indicated he has access to the Lions Hall. Our next move is to get a list of Villagers willing to attend. Please email me at darco4321 at gmail dot com if you are interested in attending. I will get back in touch once we have a date and time for this.


Homeless camp location and City Council discussions
by Dave Gullo and Michele Wollert

As many of you have heard, the WW City Council brought a motion to stop their plans to move the camp to the amphitheater site until the council can take more public testimony on April 26th.

The Union-Bulletin has reported “Going forward, I don’t envision us relocating to Fort Walla Walla Park. It’s just too much of a rub on the quality of life here. We need to keep as far away as possible from residents and businesses,” Shawa said. “Now we go back to the drawing board”.

That looks to be a change in direction. However, the final location for the homeless camp is still unknown. With this knowledge, it is prudent for the community to stay engaged. Please consider showing up for these meetings to know what is being discussed among the Council members and if you want to speak.

Mark your calendars

Tuesday, April 25th, 7PM: College Place City Council

The Mayor has said that they will be giving an information presentation to the Council, following their discussion there will be an opportunity for you and others to address the Council. This means it is on the agenda and residents will be able to speak to the Council.

There will be two residents of the VGC that are taking the lead on presenting to the CP Council members. Others can speak since it is an open forum at that point. If you speak, please be concise and respectful. Government is in a difficult place with this type of issue nationwide.

Wednesday, April 26th, 7PM: Walla Walla City Council

A motion was brought at the last meeting to put the move on hold until they could take more public testimony on April 26th.