MPMA Board Meeting Announcement

The Villages of Garrison Creek (VGC) Master Property Management Association (MPMA) Board Meeting Announcement

To: VGC Phase Leaders and interested homeowners

When/Where: Thursday 25 May 2017 6PM
SonBridge Community Ctr, 1200 SE 12th St. College Place
(enter building at NE corner main parking lot)

MPMA Directors
Doug Botimer/ Declarant, Allan Fisher/Declarant, David Gullo/Vice President,
Ron Hines/Treasurer, Daryl Schriener/Realtor & Owner/Renter Liason, Dick Cook/Acting President

Architectural Review Committee .. Doug Botimer/Chair, Michele Wollert


1) Meeting Overview & Quorum Count

2) Member Comments

3) Minutes Approval

4) Financial Update [Ron Hines]

5) Board Vacancy Election

VGC BYLAWS: vacancies shall be filled by election of remaining BOD if position [s] was subject to election by association members.

6) Common Area Update [Scott Towslee]

7) ARC Report & Discussion [Michele Wollert]

8) Update Phase 14 and Phase 10 Exit Status [Dick Cook, Ron Hines]

9) Special Meeting Requirements [Dick Cook, Dave Gullo]

Voting, Non-Voting, Notification, Proxies, Electronic Voting

10) Executive Session … if necessary

11) Adjournment

NEXT MPMA BOARD MEETING .. Tuesday 13 June [time/place TBA]