Board Agenda  February 22, 2023

VGC MPMA Board Agenda  February 22, 2023

2:00 PM

  In-person, Sonbridge, 1200 SE 12th St. College Place

Villages of Garrison Creek –Homeowner’s Association

2023 Board of Directors –Don Bohlman, Kurt Carlson, John Cress, Marie Evans, Barbara Larson, Linda Olson, Mike Serra

  • Introductions and Welcome
  • Quorum Call
  • Minutes from the Board Meeting of January 25, 2023
  • Financial Report – Marie Evans
  • Snow Removal Policy

Board vote will be taken regarding accepting the revised policy

  • Committee Reports

ARC – Denise Bartlow

Social – Denise Bartlow

Safety/Security – Denise Bartlow

Landscape/Reserve Study – Ray Goff

Board Vote will be taken regarding the selection of a Reserve Analyst

(AdHoc) CCRs & Bylaws – Kurt Carlson

        (AdHoc) Strategic Plan – Jack Gisler, Dick Cook

  • Member Comments
  • Calendar/Next Board Meeting Date: March 22, 2023
  • Executive Session – legal issues, delinquencies, personnel
  • Adjournment

VGC Committees:

ARC: Denise Bartlow, Mike Serra

Finance: Marie Evans, Jim Hall, Ray Goff, Denise Bartlow, John Jaso, Linda Olson

Safety/Security: Denise Bartlow, Joyce Beecroft

Welcome Social: Denise Bartlow, Joyce Beecroft,

Linda Olson, Ruth Scofield, Cheryl Hair, Anita Williams, Della Keele, Colleen Boyd

CCR/Bylaws: Kurt Carlson, Linda Olson, John Cress, Mike Serra, Dick Cook, Marie Evans, Beth Pinker

Landscape/Common Areas: Ray Goff, John and Ivonne Jaso, Barbara Larson, Joe, and Bonnie Roemer

Reserve Study: Ray Goff, Rand Stroble, David Sivitier, Dave Elliott