MPMA Board Meeting Announcement

MPMA Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 10th  [3:00 pm] at the SonBridge Community Center.  Key agenda items include update on the exit status [Phase 3, 4, 14, and Myra Rd Commercial], Planning and Priorities for 2018, Committees updates [ARC, Common Area, Finance, Crime & Safety, Water Costs/Equity], and will include time for questions/answers & comments.

All VGC members are welcome to attend.

MPMA Meeting Anouncement

The MPMA Board of Directors will meet in special session next Monday November 20th, 3:30pm [at SonBridge Community Center]. The agenda will include finalizing details for the December 10th Annual Meeting, planning to get- the-vote-out and review affirmative vote numbers needed to amend the VGC governing documents, updates on the Phase 10 and 14 negotiations, and recruiting candidates to run for the 2018.