MPMA Board Meeting Announcement 2017.02.27

The Villages of Garrison Creek
MPMA Board of Directors Meeting
Monday February 27, 2017 at 5:30 pm
Amavi Cellars Meeting Room, 3796 Peppers Bridge Road (1 mile south of Old Milton Hwy)

MPMA Directors: Ray Goff/President, Doug Botimer/Declarant, Allan Fisher/Declarant
David Gullo/VP, Ron Hines/Treasurer, Dick Cook/Secretary
Daryl Schriener/Realtor Liason & Owner Orientation

ARC…Michele Wollert

Tentative AGENDA…Copies of Finalized Agenda
will be available at the Feb. 27 Board Meeting

1) Call to Order, Quorum Count, Meeting Expectations [Ray Goff]

2) Welcome, Introductions [Ray Goff]

3) Financial Report [Ron Hines]

Ratification of Master Board Actions from December 2016 –February 27, 2017 and Information Updates

4) Approval of the 7 February 2017 MPMA Board Minutes [Dick Cook]

5) Schedule for 2017 MPMA Board Meetings and Annual Homeowners Meeting [Dick Cook]

6) Election of MPMA 2017 President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary [Ray Goff]

7) VGC check-writing authority for incoming MPMA Board [Ron Hines]

8) Hiring of Kathryn McKinley, firm of Pain-Hamblen of Spokane, WA as HOA
Attorney to represent the MPMA Board and VGC Homeowners on HOA matters,
the threatened lawsuit by a Phase 10 Homeowner, redrafting of VGC Governance
Documents and other legal matters. [Ray Goff]

9) Final Policy for Maintenance of VGC Common Areas by Phases…formalization of Board
policy implemented in 2015 and 2016 communicated by email and personal communications
[Ron Hines]

10) Change in assessing Pahlisch Homes Phase 9 to create equal assessments for lots
and finished units within the Phase. [Ray Goff]

11) Negotiations with Doug Botimer re: Doug resigning as Declarant and ARC
Chairman of the MPMA and the exit of the undeveloped Lots 4 & 5 [Phase 14 ] parcel and
other Phases from MPMA. [Ray Goff]

12) MPMA offer to participate in maintenance of Phase 10 gates [Ray Goff]

13) Negotiations with Phase 10 HOA re: Phase 10 exit from the VGC MPMA [Ray Goff]

14) Preparation of language revisions to our Governance Documents…short-term
and long-term [Ray Goff]

15) South Hillside Land Transfer Myra Commercial [Ron Hines]

16) UPDATE .. Orientation for new owners & renters [Daryl Schriener]

17) Revisions to the VGC Covenants Enforcement process and policy [Dayrl Schriener]
18] ARC UPDATE .. Resident Concerns about Break-ins in Overflow Parking [Michelle

19) UPDATE .. Common Area Maintenance & Special Projects [Scott Towslee]

A .. Jim Hall, Hall Engineering [Kennewick WA] 509-582-2200,
RE: VGC Common Areas Infrastructure [water, sewer, drains, dry wells, etc.]

20) UPDATE .. Improving Member Communications via emails, newsletters, website & other
ideas [Dick Cook, Dave Gullo]

21) Pahlisch UPDATE .. New Construction & Sales [Jason Spence, if available]


23) Member Comments & Questions [Ray Goff]

24] Executive Session [if necessary]

25] Next Board Meeting .. Wednesday 29 March [5:30 pm] location to be determined