2018 Annual Meeting Summary

Villages of Garrison Creek
Master Property Management Association

December 9, 2018 – Annual Meeting Summary

Members of the Villages of Garrison Creek came together last Sunday to review a busy year, learn of the challenges facing us in 2019, and to elect 7 members of the MPMA Board of Directors. (Full election results below)

Special guests to our meeting included our landscape contractor, Ike Muro, who encouraged us to care for our beautiful grounds by not parking or driving on the grass where we can break sprinkler heads. Ike says he loves his work and it shows in the parklike setting we enjoy every day.

Another special guest was Mayor of College Place, Harvey Crowder. Mayor Crowder was able to give us more information on the city water costs and the Storm Water Drainage Fee being imposed on College Place residents. The Villages of Garrison Creek will be working closely with the mayor and other city officials.

Check the website https://villagesofgarrisoncreek.com/ for the updated Land Use Standards and for the Amendments to the Covenants which describe the exits from the Association in 2018. Also, on that site are copies of the agreements reached with Doug Botimer on the exit of Phase Four Development and the declarants exit from the Association, the Architectural Review Committee, and the Board of Directors.

The Architectural Review Committee reminds us to winterize our homes and disconnect our outdoor hoses. The Strategic Planning Committee is looking for volunteers from each phase to meet with the committee about the future of the VGC and our new documents. The Block Watch/Safety Committee encourages us to put our porch lights on at night and report any thefts or suspicious activity to the College Place Police.

Ray Goff presented the report on the Irrigation Water Equity Analysis. Beginning in 2019, phases will be reimbursed for the irrigation costs for the common areas within their phase.

Marie Evans gave an overview of the 2019 Budget and the reasons for the increase in dues. Beginning in January 2019, the monthly dues for each homeowner will be $108.50. Please check with your phase leadership for news of any increase in your phase dues.

The Board would like to thank all the volunteers who registered members, helped in note taking, and counted the ballots. This is an organization that runs on volunteer energy!

Wishing you all a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy and Prosperous 2019!

Here are the official election results:

2019 Budget

Yes71 (Passed)


Marie Evans 86Elected
Marilyn Vogel87
Morris Kivett80Elected
Jim Murphy81Elected
John Cress85Elected
Dick Cook85Elected
Sam LeFore86Elected
Cassie Siegal1
H Guldhammer1
Scott “Townson”1


In Person68
By Proxy33
Total for Quorum101
Total Membership240


Total Distributed 101
    Not returned6

Counting Committee

Darrin Ezell
Linda Burbank
Karie Jacque
Jim Hall (Observer)