MPMA Board Meeting Announcement

The Villages of Garrison Creek (VGC) Master Property Management Association (MPMA) Board Meeting Announcement

To: VGC Phase Leaders and interested homeowners

From: Dick Cook, MPMA Secretary

The VGC MPMA Board will meet next Monday 27 February, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the Amavi Cellars Gallery Room, 3796 Peppers Bridge Road, about a mile S of Old Milton Highway.

All members are welcome to attend. The meeting Tentative Agenda is posted here in the “Members Content” on this website. The finalized agenda will be available at the meeting.

A draft of the 2/27/2017 Board Meeting minutes should be available on this website a few days after the meeting.

MPMA Board Meeting Announcement

TO: MPMA Board of Directors, ARC Committee , Phase Leaders, interested VGC homeowners

RE: VGC MPMA Board Meeting notice , Tuesday 7 February [9am-noon] at Amavi Cellars tasting room , 3796 Peppers Bridge Road [about a mile S of Old Milton Highway]

Sorry for the short meeting notice .. Please email Dick Cook [] if you or a designee from your phase is not able to attend, thanks ..


  • Review of updated Policy for Common Area Maintenance within individual Phases
  • MPMA Offer to maintain Phase 10 Gates
  • Review of collections methods for overdue assessments & fines
  • Update on the transfer of South Hillside land from Myra Commercial
  • 2017 Common Area Maintenance & Special Project Plans [Scott Towslee]
  • Orientation plans for new homeowners, renters
  • Plans for improving member communication via website & porch delivered newsletters
  • 2017 MPMA Board Meeting Schedule
  • Executive Session [if necessary]