With warmer weather returning and COVID restrictions being eased, many of us may be planning for the exterior maintenance of our homes and increased enjoyment of our beautiful common areas and walking trails. The Architectural Review Committee would like to send the following annual maintenance reminders to all homeowners.
Exterior Painting: Thank you to those of you who have started to plan for exterior painting of homes and fences already. Please remember that if you want to change the color of your home from its original Villages scheme, you will need to get your paint colors approved by ARC BEFORE painting begins. When planning for your painting project please consider the following points:
*Visit Gary’s paint and decorating in Walla Walla at 114 S. 2nd, where you can see the approved Villages paint colors for each Phase (Village). House paint colors selected can be up to 4 unique colors. 1 or 2 compatible colors for siding; 1 color for trim (Off-white C3). For the garage, the door color must be the same as the color on the first level of the house and 1 color for the front door. (You do not have to necessarily purchase your paint at Gary’s but it is necessary to know the approved colors.)
*Cedar fencing stain colors need to be approved by ARC to ensure continuity of color throughout the Villages. Some of the original stain colors are no longer available, so it is important to choose something that coordinates with all.
Roof Moss Removal/gutter cleaning: Periodically check your roof for moss growth and make sure it is cleaned and treated when needed. This is not only for Village aesthetics, but it will help extend the life of your roof. Gutters with overflowing leaf debris are unsightly and hinder proper drainage.
Dog Waste: Please keep your dogs on a leash and pick up all dog waste during your walks along the trails and the common areas. Dispose of bagged dog waste in the garbage. Dog waste left on the ground pollutes groundwater, can spread disease and parasites and is not a natural fertilizer. It also creates a nuisance for our common area maintenance contractors.
Parking: The current Land Use Standards require that your vehicles not be parked in the driveways, alleys, or streets overnight. Vehicles will need to be garaged overnight or stored on the gravel overflow lot or off-site unless you have a medical/disability waiver. If you are expecting short-term guests, please contact ARC for a temporary parking permit to place on your visitors’ dashboard.
Trash Bins: Your trash bins need to be stored out of sight and removed from the curb the day of pick up.
Water Fowl: Human food is very bad for ducks and geese and can cause fatal illness in them, increase pollution and algae growth in our creek and ponds, and discourages natural migratory patterns in flocks, per the US Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. Please do not feed the waterfowl.
Landscaping Projects: Major landscaping projects in front yards need prior approval from ARC. All construction projects in the front, side, and back yards need prior approval from ARC.
Thank you for your continued cooperation in preserving and maintain the beauty of our very special neighborhood. Questions? Contact our ARC volunteer neighbors below.
ARC email: villagesarc@gmail.com
Jim Murphy
Dennis Olson
Tom Emmerson

Water Conservation

Over 20 million gallons of water were used in 2020 by the 151 homes in Villages 1,2,5,6, & 7.
It cost approximately $34,000; each homeowner’s share, about $225 for 135,000 gallons H2O.
More than 70% of that water and cost went to irrigating lawns ($24,000 = $159 per home)

As people and the Villages are setting up their irrigation schedules for 2021, we should all consider conservation and water costs on our shared water meter.

Informational Water Usage and Good Stewardship PDF

As you set up front yard watering with the landscapers, please instruct them to cut down the number of days for irrigation. The recommendation is to water deeper and less often.

Please have irrigation leaks repaired as soon as possible. Running water is wasteful and expensive.

Please offer assistance to your neighbors who are challenged by their backyard irrigation controls. We are hoping to have a team of volunteers who are willing to reset timers and help technically challenged homeowners.

The attached information is helpful in defining the issue and offering some good solutions. Get the word out that the Villages are getting serious about water conservation and excessive water bills. Feel free to share this email and start conversations with our Village members.

Informational Water Usage and Good Stewardship PDF

Thank you for your cooperation. We are truly in this together.

MPMA Board

Linda Olson-President, Dick Cook Vice President, Marie Evans Treasurer, Denise Bartlow Secretary, Jim Murphy ARC, Joyce Beecroft, Jeanne Joyal