Architectural Review Committee

Members of ARC
Tom Emmerson
Jim Murphy
Dennis Olson


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Special Notices

Upcoming Plans and Member Resources Needed

1. Install New “Traffic Control” Signs. We have 10-12 signs to be installed. Tasks include (a) using a Post-Hole digger, (b) cutting 4×4 posts, (c) mixing concrete, (d) installing posts and concrete in holes.
We will need at least 3 volunteers to work with Master Board Members.

2. Install New “Park on other Side” Signs, and “15 MPH” Signs. We have 8-10 signs to be installed. Tasks same as above item #1, but at different dates.
We will need at least 3 volunteers to work with Master Board Members. .

3. Replace weather-damaged Street Sign boards. We have approximately 8 horizontal boards that need to be replaced. We will need 1 or 2 volunteers to work with members of ARC.

4. Paint Speed Bumps (COMPLETE 6/24/19). Thanks go to Kathy and Elizabeth for volunteering.

5. Paint Warning Stripes on Sidewalks along Garrison Village Way. (STARTED 7/17)

6. Install YIELD sign – West entrance into East round-a-bout. We have post-hole digger. We need 1 or 2 volunteers .

7. More projects are being planned. We can hire outside workers, but this would effect our Villages Budget.

Please contact any ARC member to sign up for a day when you can give an hour or two.
Contact: Jim Murphy, Dennis Olson, or Tom Emmerson

Status of Latest Requests Received by ARC

Address RequestDateStatusRefNo
921 LarkspurInstall Solar Pnls2/01/18Approved / Compl04/18
683 Whimbrel LoopFaux Shutters5/24/18Approved / Compl05/18
647 Whimbrel LoopNew Cedar Fence6/20/18Approved / Compl06/18
1164 CreeksideGazebo and Front
Terrace Blocks
6/11/18Not Approved07/18
GoldeneyeNew Iron Fence8/26/18Approved08/18
GoldeneyeNew Tree in Front8/26/18Not Approved09/18
662 WhimbrelGazebo2/20/19Approved01/19
3/15/19In Process02/19
705 Quail RunNew Cement
/ Compl
Large PondLandscape5/23/19Approved for more
plants and trees
705 Quail RunNew Shed5/25/19Approval pending05-19
1164 CreeksideNew Shed5/9/19Under Review06-19
1048 CreeksideNew Iron Fence6/23/19Approved 6/2807-19
630/634 Whimbrel
New Cedar Front
6/28/19Approved 6/2808-19
1033 CreeksideNew Man-door7/5/19Approved 7/9
1033 CreeksidePaint House
– color chg
7/9/19New Request
– on hold
630 Whimbrel LpNew Pergola7/15/19Approved 8/26
714 Quail Run New Garage Door
– Paint Front Door
8/2/19Approval pending12-19
747 NuthatchSolar Roof Panels8/2/19 Approved 8/19/19
1018 CreeksidePaint House
– Color Chg
1077 CrestlanePaint Home
– same color
8/29/19Approved 8/3115-19