Attractive, well-maintained homes and common areas which harmonize exterior design, landscape, environment, and lifestyle – conveniently located within one of the American Planning Association’s 10 Greatest Neighborhoods in the United States!

Phase IX was developed by Pahlisch Homes.


The Villages of Garrison Creek is a Private, Planned Community created with a unique Vision and Mission. The community is made up of seven separate villages (phases). Each homeowner in The Villages of Garrison Creek is a member of the Homeowner’s Association (HOA). The Homeowner’s Association operates as a non-profit under RCW 64.38.

To enhance and protect each member’s investment in the community, Land Use Standards (LUS) have been established and are enforced, assuring an attractive and uniform appearance throughout the entire community. The LUS also include policies that promote and protect a peaceful, friendly, and inviting atmosphere for all residents and guests.

All members and residents agree to adhere to the published LUS prior becoming a part of the community. A Covenants Compliance Procedure is in place that provides a schedule of monetary penalties for LUS violations. This policy also outlines a review and notification process that assures a fair and reasonable procedure is followed in dealing with LUS violations, allowing residents adequate opportunity to correct violations. If violations are not corrected fines will be assessed for continued non-compliance.

Homeowners in each village are required to pay monthly dues. A portion of the dues are used to operate and maintain the common elements owned by the association.

To assure the desired appearance of the community is maintained at all times each individual village (phase) manages the maintenance of landscaping in all front yards within their phase in accordance with the guidelines established by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Each phase contracts with and manages service providers, as desired, to accomplish the work within their individual phases. The cost of this service is also included in the monthly dues paid by each member.

Specific questions regarding the current amount of the dues and what is included in the dues should be directed to the treasurer for the appropriate phase, as the amount of the dues varies between phases. (Phase treasurers and their contact information are listed on the “Contact” page).

Prospective members and residents should be aware that the association maintains an active monitoring and compliance program to assure adherence to the published land use standards. All individuals – including renters – must acknowledge receipt of the Land Use Standards and agree to abide by them prior to becoming an owner or resident in the community.

In addition to the Land Use Standards, the Articles of Incorporation, the Restated Declaration, the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, the Addendum to Residential Rental Agreement, and RCW 64.38 summarize the guidelines, rules, and regulations by which the The Villages of Garrison Creek are governed. These documents are listed below. It is the responsibility of each prospective owner or renter to become thoroughly familiar with the Land Use Standards and the association’s legal documents to determine if this is a community that is suited to their lifestyle.

2019 Board Members

  • Dick Cook – President
  • John Cress – V Pres
  • Marie Evans – Sec/Tres
  • Henning Guldhammer
  • Morris Kivett
  • Jim Murphy – ARC
  • Marilyn Vogel

Phase and ARC members are listed on the contact page.

News & Events


MPMA ANNUAL MEETING Sunday, December 8, 2019 .. 1:30 pm Registration SonBridge Community Center ..  1200 SE 12th Street, College Place The Annual Meeting of the Villages of Garrison Creek Master Property Management Association will be held on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at the SonBridge Community Center.  Registration begins at 1:30 pm with the Meeting starting at 2 pm. A …

October 30 Master Board Meeting and Special November 2019 Board Meetings

A DRAFT copy of the Minutes from the October 30 Master Board Meeting has been posted to the Members Section of the VGC Website. <click here>. Master Board Meetings for November 2019 are scheduled as follows: Nov 10 – Review 2020 Operating and Reserve Fund Budget Nov 13 – Regular Monthly Master Board Meeting Nov …


The Villages of Garrison Creek
P.O. Box 694
College Place, WA 99324


  • Extension 0 – Administration
  • Extension 1 – Real Estate
  • Extension 2 – Board Treasurer (CPA)
  • Extension 3 – Sprinkler/Water Problem
  • Extension 4 – Land Use Standards Inquiries
  • Extension 5 – Architectural Reviews & Approvals
  • Extension 6 – Painting Questions & Approvals

Report a Water Leak – Extension 3 or VGCwaterleak@gmail.com
Architectural Review – Extension 5 or villagesARC@gmail.com



Dennis Olson
Jim Murphy
Tom Emmerson



Phase 1

  • President – Scott Towslee Extension 705
  • Plant Advisor – Amy Woiler 720

Phase 2

  • President – Linda Morris Extension 708
  • Secretary & Landscape Coordinator – TBA
  • Treasurer – Ruby Brand Extension 709
  • Plant Advisor – Donna Fisher Extension 719

Phase 5

  • President – Allan Fisher Extension 702
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Judy Board Extension 710
  • Plant Advisor – Donna Fisher Extension 719

Phase 6

  • President –
  • Vice President – Jack Edwards
  • Treasurer – Jim Hall
  • Secretary – Jeanine Johnston

Phase 7

  • Paul Davisson
  • David Hernandez
  • Anne Richman
  • Norma Sewell, Treasurer (Extension 715)
  • Rex Wallace
  • Ron Wilkinson
  • Roger Williams

Phase 8

  • President – Al McFadden
  • Vice President – Paul Storey
  • Treasurer – Mike Serra
  • Secretary – Linda Olson
  • Landscape Point Person – Peg Curtis

Phase 10 (Hawk Hill)

  • President – Sue Wright
  • Vice President –
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Don Coleman Extension 717
  • Assistant Treasurer/Bookkeeper – Jim Hall Extension 2
  • Plant Advisor – Angela Ferguson/Rhode Extension 718